Graham graduated with a BSc in chemistry from St Francis Xavier University in Antigonish, Nova Scotia in1989 before entering Pharmacy at Dalhousie University in Halifax. His chemistry background has grown into a strong involvement in compounding in his Pharmacy. Graham graduated from Dalhousie College of Pharmacy in Halifax, NS in 1993. Immediately after graduation he returned to his roots on Cape Breton Island and went to work in Baddeck at Stone’s Drug Store. In 2001, Graham purchased the pharmacy and since then there have been many changes made over the years. Today, there is a compounding lab, a nursing home packaging area, and a private consultation room.  As his practice has evolved, Graham has drawn definitive – and sometimes controversial – lines around what he can ethically sell in his store. He opted to stop selling sugary beverages in 2014 and removed all homeopathic products from his shelves in 2018. He has also become involved in clinical studies to forward the scientific community’s understanding of pain compounding salves. Graham will always be a pharmacist first, but he is also a healthcare professional who unapologetically aims to guide both his customers and his readers to make better decisions about medication, diet, and healthy living.


Healthy Logic

Evidence based healthy aging

What happens when a small-town pharmacist stands up for what he truly believes in?

A few short years ago, Graham Mackenzie made two simple decisions. He was done selling homeopathic products and he was done selling sugary drinks.

These decisions, though they may sound simple enough, made shockwaves across his community, his nation and beyond. Researchers from the University of Waterloo found that sugary beverage consumption dropped across his entire town. Media houses from Germany came across the ocean to question his right to limit his customers’ decision-making!